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Breathing feeling walking smiling and talking She opens her hearts so freely surrenders chooses to give it all But bruises start showing pretends it’s just a fall. Seeing hearing looking smelling touching doesn’t complain she knows will continue constantly Comes point where screams. Silently. no one hears helps like they are scared running. Alarmed disheartened distressed repulsed mortified winces in pain convinces herself that stop agony is amplified he always reign standing now of return. Just an endless beginning appears genuine yearn starts wonder what has left: imagination thoughts perceive blue stained body as galaxy mix hues. star million tends forget love never rhymed with blues. Day night pressure bearing down dreams. In sea helplessness gleams visualizes dredgers dredging tugboats tugging all digging for gem. not until the seventh day after confluence full moon sun conjured unusually rampant mayhem Did wriggle free last heave. After someone does come aid: herself retrieve. talking looking All comes back her finally takes stand. forgets how alarmed mortified felt and angel called enter heaven. flies free evading Elsewhere Where trust conviction key.
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