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Fast food greasy taco I love Nacho bell grande cheesy gordita like your nachos diarrhea Man really Taco know can watch you make my food Drop it on the floor think it's rude Bell (Whoa) Here's to Mexican who makes me (Me gusta) How is that just ate now have poop? Food this could only come from above (I love) Rob store and ask ‘em for a refill Uh uh Hey JRizzle Listen up all y'all I'm winnin' tacos because of gumball put chalupas where mouth is so And dopest rapper (Uh) you've ever messed with Sir welcome May take order? Yeah. Can Big Mac Pepsi? we don't sell Macs some chicken nuggets?! We nuggets either! Serious?! T-A-C-O B-E double L The cashier's name Omar Vizquel People always persecute But they'll die eating Chipotle you how you? Could hate good old Bell Bell? Chipotle? Yeah walked into 'Cause was craving crunchy shell man behind counter said Aupa (¡Aupa!) flying as high kite looked up delight They were having special My chalupa chalupa know there Who preached truth rock sand Jesus won't hold sins He broke bread Saint Peter said That his favorite song Beef It's song cheese cheese yeah in (Shell) Yeah Take that it'll fat got stuff that'll booty go *swish* shell *siren* *laugh* *woof* 'n' Make lettuce Lettuce Okay Oh oh beef Ooh Now time end Without tacos life would be wrong Michael right are great If you're real hungry they're open late (Poop) full!
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