Smiley Art In Different Shapes

Smileys are the most used emoticons at text-messaging or chatting. At the beginning the smileys only consisted of numbers and letters. As social media has become widespread, emoticons have played a significant role in communication through technology.
Later some devices have provided stylized pictures that do not use punctuation. Now there exist smiley emojis in every shape and color. 

Smileys are not only used to express emotions in text messages, they also act as a kind of art.

"Famous Emoitcons"

Cantor fine art gallery took some of the funny round emoticons and turned them into great art. They came up with some emoji characters based on famous figures and faces from the creative community. They designed faces of the most famous creatives in the world. Japanese multimedia artist yayoi kusama, painter pablo picasso, and surrealist salvador dalĂ­ are some of the characters. 

The emojis are introduced in the article "fine art emojis turn famous creatives into virtual visionaries" on designboom.


is a form of pool where the poolballs are designed like emoji characters. Each ball is painted with a different facial expression, forming a cast of characters that seemingly interact with each other as they roll across the table.  Read More about it on designboom.

"Emojis and Food"

When you travel to a foreign contry the communication is not always easy. But with "Emojis and Food" you can show how you feel. Great smiley-creations of food show your feelings like you show emotions in a textmessage. When you like the thought of creating a emoji of food than  click here and read the article on  designboom

"Turning into an emoji"

When you like to turn into an emoji yourself for halloween or carneval this year, you only have to buy a fancy smiley-mask and strap it around your face.  Watch it out.

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