Used words

trans guy nonbinary man domestic bliss domestic boyfriends nonbinary guy domestic husbands feminine man feminine guy pretty boy gender nonconforming feminine boyhood body hair he/they thrift store fashion hairy legs dark royalty nblm/mlm yearning house husband gender envy leather jackets baby boy floral vests converse sneakers blue hair vaguely masculine pet names black nail polish bare chest glam rock shirts with buttons just some guy white blouses hair in ponytail charm bracelets chokers/collars patterned sweaters silk tie business suit belly piercing pastel kawaii plant dad thick thighs generous ass black singlets clip on earrings gender performance happy trail leg hair chewing gum pretty hands lover of men achillean pride masc leaning masc masculine transmasc transmasculine femboy nonbinary prince gothic butch angelic ambiguous androgynous chubby princely majestic nerdy glasses twink enby biromantic greyace gentleman waistcoats hedonism genderqueer boyfriend queer loverboy malewife dollette handsome agender partner soft tender lingerie pretty suits piercings eyeliner elflike genderless vampire boxers steampunk costume shirtless unhinged roseboy manspreading person boots gendervague fag manbun headphones rings cardigans joy chunky cottagecore pianos achillean
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