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Come on little lady give us a smile Now I lay me down to sleep pray the Lord my soul keep If shall die before 'wake take I a record of wreckage life gotta recognize weapon in mind They talk shit but love it every time And realize I've tasted blood and is sweet had rug pulled beneath feet trusted lies men Broke put myself back together again Stared mirror punched shatters Collected pieces picked out dagger pinched skin between two fingers wished could cut some parts off with scissors No ain't got nothin' smile about no one for waited while for A moment say don't owe you goddamn thing I'm dream hell night That won't smile I'll show teeth I'ma let speak if just breathe been polite be caught dead Lettin' man tell what should do bed Keep exes check basement 'Cause kindness weakness or worse you're complacent play nice bully tired angry somebody Someone like can real nightmare completely aware But I'd rather nightmare than unaware yeah glad so save your prayers
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