Used words

Fig trees (SA) Different kinds of grafting (RIR) Learn more about cuttings tool maintenance Permaculture workshops Any educational learning session like First Aid / soil regeneration crafts skills (AC) Vegetable growing (monthly weekends for income generation) (MH) Identification medicinal plants on PLOT (DM) Educate the qualities and uses Make herbal medicines Jams Pesto Pickles Food classes Salad bar (pay food) Photos from Develop occasional sessions with purpose mixing generations - each other Teenagers young people no digital Weekend volunteering days those who work (MF) Sessions based around senses. Tastes smells listening to birds (maybe even specifically blind community) (NK) Art poetry fire Poetry writing (YM) Drawings nature art therapy (CW) Immersive children’s storytelling Invite a professional storyteller Evening fireside events stories singing (JS) Folk time full moon Story telling evening guest tellers Fire sharing circles ‘Singing all’ easy intuitive harmonies Therapeutic ‘Family Constellations’ Potion making Seasonal celebration (but not arranged by EH) (EH) Weekly silent meditation drop in space Longer More Quiet Garden (COH) Reading group at circle children families Outdoor Making wooden structures Mosaics Traditional pottery wheel Pottery green woodwork traditional bushcraft Crafting Weaving Basket Willow Geodesic dome Working natural fibres Floral magic Painting Achievement framework example ID tasks food Summer supper club Another Death cafe Laughter yoga run AC Listening talking Whittle bowl pole lathe Build learn how use it Practice others make bowls Spoon carving Skills shares composting Birdbox gourd Separate cooking craft table top working area Plant labels creative artsy way Growing information Cucamelons less usual flavour experiences Unusual herbs cola plant BBQ rosemary Big headed dahlias (JM) Sweet peas Cucumbers Courgettes Mushrooms Pumpkin patch Jack-o-lanterns Grow climbing over fences 23 (AW) Moon garden moths Turn ash into sheltered seat trail exhibits possible link AOH men’s Dismantle cabin decking Increase size activity larger outdoor kitchen Seasons library especially featuring literature
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