Used words

*Fig trees* Grafting Cuttings *Tools maintenance* *Permaculture workshops* *Educational learning sessions: First Aid Soil Regeneration Crafts Skills* *Horticulture skills *Medicinal plants* *Jams Pesto Pickles* *Food *Salad bar* Photos Intergenerational *Teenagers and young people* *Weekend volunteering* Senses *Art poetry around the fire* *Poetry writing* *Drawings from nature* therapy* *Children’s storytelling* Storytelling *Fireside events stories singing* *Folk stories* *Evening fireside time full moon* *Fire circles* *Singing for all* *Therapeutic work* *Potion making* *Seasonal celebrations* *Weekly silent meditation drop-in space* *Longer more Quiet Garden* *Reading Group* *Story circle children families* *Outdoor nature therapy group* *Making wooden structures* Mosaics *Traditional pottery wheel* Pottery *Green Woodwork art traditional crafts bushcraft* Crafting Weaving *Basket-making Willow *Geodesic dome* *Natural fibres* *Floral magic* Painting *Achievement Framework* *Cooking skills* *Summer Supper Club* *Death-cafe* *Laughter yoga* *Listening talking to *Pole lathe* Woodturning *Spoon carving* *Composting *Birdbox gourd* *Separate working areas* *Plant labels in a creative artsy way* *Growing information* *Cucamelons Unusual flavour experiences* *Unusual Dahlias *Sweet peas* Cucumbers Courgettes Mushrooms Pumpkin patch Jack-o-lanterns *Grow climbing plants over fences* *Moon-garden-for-moths* *Sheltered Ash seat* trail* men’s *Dismantle cabin decking* *Increase size of activity area* *Build larger outdoor kitchen* *Seasons Library featuring literature*
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