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The Pushing Buttons Just To Make You React AUNT That Unbearable BROTHER His Over-Sharing COUSIN Her No Personality COUSIN Our Holier-Than-Thou DAUGHTER The Everything’s A Joke DAUGHTER-IN-LAW That So Serious FATHER His Intrusive FATHER-IN-LAW Her Smart Phone Slaves GRANDFATHER Our Social Media Intruding GRANDMOTHER The Inconsiderate GREAT-GRANDFATHER That Jerk GREAT-GRANDMOTHER His That Offensive MOTHER Her The Vulgar MOTHER-IN-LAW Our Need-A-Life NEPHEW The Need-To-Grow-Up NIECE That Don’t Think You Have A Life Outside Of Theirs SISTER His Manipulative SON Her Guilt Trip SON-IN-LAW Our Put-Your-Damn-Phone-Down UNCLE The Raised By Wolves TWINS That Sharky WEIRDOS His Health Nut WHO IS THAT? Her Diet Junky ARE THEY EVEN RELATED TO US? Our Space Invading WHO INVITED YOU? The So Distant Your Not Even Related CAT That Great DOG His Great Great SNAKE Her Great Great Great BIRD Our Drama Queen AUNT The Cheap BROTHER That Super Thrifty yet RICH COUSIN His Finish My Sentence COUSIN Our Loud as heck DAUGHTER-IN-LAW The Annoying FATHER The Annoying AUNT That Cheap BROTHER His Diet Junky COUSIN Her Don’t Think You Have A Life Outside Of Theirs COUSIN Our Drama Queen DAUGHTER That Finish My Sentence FATHER His Great FATHER-IN-LAW Her Great Great GRANDFATHER Our Great Great Great GRANDMOTHER The Guilt Trip GREAT-GRANDFATHER That Health Nut GREAT-GRANDMOTHER His Holier-Than-Thou MOTHER Her Inconsiderate MOTHER-IN-LAW Our Intrusive NEPHEW The Jerk NIECE That Loud as heck SISTER Her Need-A-Life SON-IN-LAW Our Need-To-Grow-Up UNCLE The No Personality TWINS That Over-Sharing WEIRDOS His Pushing Buttons Just To Make You React WHO IS THAT? Her Put-Your-Damn-Phone-Down ARE THEY EVEN RELATED TO US? Our Raised By Wolves WHO INVITED YOU? The Sharky CAT That Smart Phone Slaves DOG His So Distant Your Not Even Related SNAKE Her So Serious BIRD Our Social Media Intruding AUNT The Space Invading BROTHER His That Offensive COUSIN Our The Vulgar DAUGHTER-IN-LAW The Unbearable FATHER
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