Used words

“Colour radio” “Chameleon” “To Do List 1. Santa 2. Explore the world” “Bird Bomb” “Leg leg arm leg?” “Ping Pong Pffftt” “ITS MY PHONE ITS PHONE! No its my phone ahhhhhhh! Its me me!” “2 broke girls” “Poopy bed” “Shall we watch grinch? Yes I already searched for it! have it? No. Oh so how will watch?” “Attention Attention! Attention Please! - colour by numbers” “Z-E-bra don’t like rugby” “I thought and decided” “Night nurse?” “Mamma Bear” “Mellon Airways” “Kids Skating” “Octopus recovery position” “PTSD” “Danger Danger 5 minutes” “Only washing pits” “Dragon work out” “Reklamas lapinas” “coffee time 20 minutes with 5-minute commute” ate all of chocolate yours as well! Omnomnomnomnom” “Bra check” “Mad cat” “Finger dancing” “Napkin pocket” “Sanglish” “Quick workout” “Carpet burns” “Are drinking champagne? no…. Ahhhhhhhhhh!” “3 lots rent me you alcohol” “Biting hand” “Stabby Hand!” “Bath feels empty without you” “Distraction I’m not distracting!” “Poke Poke!” am awake you should be!” “Oranges fresh from orange tree?” “Nutella?” “Santa Strength Charlie coffee?” “Lost in translation?!” “TV Alarm Clock!” “Hammy Hammy?” “Le-0-pard” “Mushrooms” “Why did eat twice?” “What do a space man?” “Horse Fund” “Would some honey Honey?” “I’m fat poofy” “Snow pants elephants” “Club padded room?” “Changing songs to our words!” crazy crazy” licked it mine!” “Power Lick” “Take what can give nothing back!” “Mental Breakdown…. Survival dance!” “Pee Pee! Peck Peck!” Shower?” “Midnight….erm….swim?” “Check vitals” “My balls whatever want!” “Micky mouses!” “Nukioks rainbows” “Borp!” “CHARLIE TANK EMPTY!” “Have your cake it!” “Dead cat?” “Penny” “Piano Duet 1…2… two half?” “Ice age” “Rahhh rahh rahh” “Cruise Lobito?” “Horses Horses” “Smile wave boys!” “1 hours’ notice 1 notice!” “Orgy pants” “Koala hug” “Cold feet” “Crab Champion!” “Bed Bugs!” “Buzz Nuzz” “Really!?!?” “Electricians Workshop?” “Neeeeee nooooo Neeee noooo 21 alarms enough?” “Radio Antenna?” “Who Who?” “Minions” “Magic Tricks” “Ahhhh there goes tram!” days’ everything!” “Panicccccccc Dinosaur” “Vitamin B” “Not dinosaur Kangaroo” “Hiding Karl make good dad?” “5 more alarm?!” “Fish Flops” “Panic suits perhaps two? yeah forgot money!” “Leaving costa on top car” “Scratch cards” “Go that way towards music… stops….perfect” “If pack this car deserve medal” does start? Six hours. How far away are we? So mins ball gown!” “Blackpool tower cable ties” “Want company pooping?” “Inside No.9 Eating own children?!” is actually happening!?” “Fleetwood Quiz champions” chose route waterfall?” “Please….Please….Please twirl baby girl twirl!” “Slashing wrists? decorating eggs!” “Flamingos PINK” “Two wiggles donkey’s tail” “Shake time?” “Schedule… shed-u-al” “Ralfs Scarf” “Belly rub” “Wiggle Wiggle tail happy!” “Woof woof” “Wheelchair doors” “Meow!” “How wolves? Oww oww owwwwwwwww! bears?” “Apfft” “santa-dar” ?
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